Here are the areas where we can help:

    • Defining a Brand Uniqueness.
    • Choosing a brand name for a multilingual and multicultural market.
    • Defining a brand image.
    • Preserving the Brand uniqueness.
    • Determining which part of the intellectual property should imperatively be protected.
Price positioning
    • Defining price positioning based on a targeted competitive analysis.
    • Determining if the country of origin serves the brand or not.
    • Creative direction, to translate the brand’s values into a physical product.
    • Understanding how to pick the right supplier(s) for production (most entrepreneurs tend to underestimate how critical this is).
    • Building a comprehensive and real-life forecast of production costs.
    • Mapping a complete production schedule.
    • Implementing cost-efficient and proven strategies for raising brand awareness and creating momentum.
    • Optimising logistics.
    • Paving the way for a snappy and responsive Customer Relationship Management strategy.
    • Setting up and Implementing a cost-efficient after sales system.