Model revamping for Techné

VANTGARD revamped one of the best-selling models of the Techné brand. Created with a distinctive functionalist design, this tool watchcase borrows cues from aviation instruments and is intended for outdoors enthusiasts. SparrowHawk watch for Techné The dial uses bold numerals for the hours and external numerals by increments of five minutes meant to make reading more intuitive. The texture of the crown and the brushed and bead-blasted surfaces are used to minimise reflection. The model is also available with a black physical vapour deposition (PVD) coating. SparrowHawk watch for Techné The mechanism only requires a battery change every 5 year, and its circuitry can detect shocks beyond the tested limit of the ISO 1413 norm, and prevent damage to the step motor. The user can also re-calibrate the hands without the intervention of a watchmaker. Straps are made with machine-washable woven nylon, natural canvas or Italian leather.

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